2X2-The first commercial TV channel in the history of the USSR and Russia, the etheric grid of which consists mainly of cartoons for all ages (mainly for people aged 16 or older - at one time the channel positioned itself as "for children from seven to seventy years old"). Since April 1, 2007 - the Russian federal channel, focused on teenagers and youth audiences, which contains about 200 different anime, animated series and films. The channel also has programs and animated series of its own production: "Suspicious owl", "Watch out, earthlings!", "Double blow", "Video report", "City guide", "Dedmorozoshnaya", "Do it yourself", reality show "Office 2x2 "," Pykhchevo "," Atomic Forest "," School 13: Gameories "," Mult TV (Mul-TV) "and others.It is part of the holding company Gazprom-Media (since 2014).The TV channel claimed to include Russia in the second multiplex of the digital terrestrial television , but it did not enter the official list.


2x2 times of the USSR

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