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I seen alot of thingings
General information
Reality 4chan
Type Social Media Website
Personality Funny, Weird, Autistic, Retarded (but intelligent at the same time),
Preferred gender Male
Language All, but mainly English and Broken english
Official website (WARNING: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
Relations and opinions
Friends Twitch-icon Twitchball, Encyclopædia Dramaticasquare
Enemies Reddit-icon Plebbit

Normie shit who only steals my memes and kill them

run by a crip, also is home to criminals

Likes Racism, nazi Propaganda, pedobear, anonymous, porn, anime, Pepe, memes, greentext, console wars,
Dislikes Normies, unfunny Websites,
Historical information
Date founded October 1st 2003
Date ended No
Is of importants
Bork kek kek
Food No kebab clay
4chanball Is social media/imageboard website he have alot of freedoms, everybody have a right to do something without an Law, But dont spam to many and you will get banned sometimes, he really support nazism and hitler in /pol/ in some political ways, the most weirdest board of 4chan is /b/ which stands for ''Random'', Theres also /v/ which stands for Videogames, mostly the website focus on The japanese culture like Anime and others

The admin of 4chan is called ''M00t'', in 2015 he claimed to leave 4chan, but never properly did.

On 4chan, unlike 8chan, only m00t can make boards for different subjects. As of now, there are 63 different 4chan boards. The following are boards:

Japanese Culture

4chan was originally supposed to be an english version of the japanese imageboard known as Futaba (also known as 2chan). That means that there are many japanese related things there. Here are the boards for Japanese culture:

  • /a/ - the anime & manga board, where you can post and view anything related to anime shows or manga comics.
  • /c/ - the anime/cute board, where you can view/post cute anime pictures/drawings that others make.
  • /w/ - the anime/wallpapers board, where you can post anything related to wallpapers that are anime.
  • /m/ - the mecha board, where you can talk about anything related to mecha.
  • /cgl/ - the cosplay and EGL board, where you can engage in cosplays with others.
  • /cm/ - the Cute/Male board, where people can view male anime characters they may find cute
  • /f/ - the flash board, where posts made by anons are encrypted. Most posts contain anime, which is why it got put under japanese culture


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