Stationballs in BOLD denote stationballs owned and operated by ABCball/Disneyball, and italics denote city of license, if it's not the normal TV market's main city(ies).

Image Name Personality City Parent Notes
WABC-TVball WABC-TVball New York ABCball
KABC-TVball KABC-TVball Los Angeles
WLS-TVball WLS-TVball Chicago
WPVI-TVball WPVI-TVball Philadelphia
WFAAball WFAAball Dallas-Ft. Worth Tegnaball Biggest ABC affiliateball that isn't parented by ABCball, and largest affiliate (out of the Big 4) not owned by the network.
KGO-TVball KGO-TVball San Francisco ABCball
WJLA-TVball WJLA-TVball Washington D.C. SBG-icon SBGball
KTRK-TVball KTRK-TVball Houston ABCball
WCVB-TVball WCVB-TVball Boston Hearstball
WMUR-TVball WMUR-TVball Manchester WCVB-TVball's brother, but they live separately.
WSB-TVball WSB-TVball Atlanta Cox Media Groupball
WFTS-TVball WFTS-TVball Tampa-St. Petersburg Scrippscube Channel 28 (doesn't brand itself using it's channel number)
WWSBball WWSBball A little suicidal Sarasota Raycomball Channel 40 (doesn't brand itself using it's channel number, but instead it's cable position)
KNXV-TVball KNXV-TVball Phoenix Scrippscube
WXYZ-TVcube WXYZ-TVcube Detroit Previously parented by ABCball (1948-1986)
KOMO-TVball KOMO-TVball Seattle SBG-icon SBGball
KSTP-TVball KSTP-TVball Smart (he knows morse code) St. Paul-Minneapolis Hubbardball
KSAX-TVball KSAX-TVball Alexandria KSTP-TVball's sister.
KRWFball KRWFball Redwood Falls KSTP-TVball's brother.
WPLGball WPLGball Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Berkshire Hathawayball
KMGH-TVball KMGH-TVball Denver Scrippscube
WFTVball WFTVball Orlando Cox Media Groupball
WEWS-TVball WEWS-TVball Cleveland Scrippscube
KXTVball KXTVball Sacramento Tegnaball
WTVDball[1] Durham [2] ABCball
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