Balok ANTV
Uttaran... I want to air that again.
General information
Reality ANTV
Type TV Channelball
Country Indonesia
Personality Soap opera fan

Indian Bollywood fan

Preferred gender Male
Language Indonesian
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends TVOneball (brother Can yuo takings braek on news plox? But thanks for Infecting him with soap operas as well.)

Visi Media Asiaball (father plox dad, don't groundings I because am airings Indian Bollywoods)

Enemies Asamblea Nacional Televisiónball (abbreviation stealer)

Trans7brick (shape stealer?)

RCTIball (one of the Perindo crew, GOLKAR BEST PARTAI!)

GTVball (another member of Perindo crew)

MNCTVball (Yuo killed TPI! but I hate TPI too as a shape of competition! Supreme Leader of Perindo crew)

INewsball (My brother is better than yuo at news! But I hate my brother too. Another member of Perindo crew)

Indosiarcube (My soap operas is better than yuors! Wanna make soap operas together?)

SCTVball (Yuor soap opera is worse than your brother! But mine is even worse, so wanna collab?)


KompasTVball (My brother is better at news than yuo too!)

NET.ball (Yuo killed Spacetoon! And I admit that yuor soap operas are way better than mine)

Likes Indian Bollywoods, soap operas, Uttaran, news.
Dislikes Indian Bollywood haters, soap opera removers, K-Dramas.
Historical information
Date founded 1 January 1993 why is of new year?
Date ended I'll end myself now NEVER! I SAYINGS NEVER!
Is of importants
Can into space? Satelite only
Bork Uttaran Uttaran This Bollywood is no longer available due to a copyright claim from ColorsTVball
Food Curry All Indian Indonesian food
No more Uttaran... so sad...
ANTVbrick (Andalas Televisi) is a TV channel from India Indonesia.


  • TVOneball My brother! He also a TV channel like me who really likes sports and news. But can you take a break at news for a while? He says that he's a news TV channel but now he has been infected by Turkish and Indonesian soap operas.
  • Visi Media Asiaball Daddy! He's great! Please don't ground me for airing Indian Bollywoods.


  • Asamblea Nacional Televisiónball Abbreviation Stealer
  • Trans7Brick Why he is of brick? Talkshows are scums, so make a soap opera.
  • RCTIball Screw you! Your soap operas are better than mine overrated! SinemArtball has left you alone! So, what do you have now? Yuo is only a "slave" of MNCdiamond and Perindo!
  • GTVball HA! You see now? KPI has blocked yuor favorite cartoons! Indian cartoons for the win! You're also a "slave" of MNCdiamond and Perindo!
  • MNCTVball You killed TPI! I hate TPI too, so thanks. He's a Supreme Vice leader of Perindo crew. He's MNCdiamond's son.
  • INewsball My brother is better than you at news! I even hate my brother because he's too serious. Another MNCdiamond's son.
  • Indosiarcube My soap operas are better than yours! Your soap opera actors are overacted, that makes the plot ruined. I did that too, so wanna collab?
  • SCTVball Your soap operas are even worse than your brother even with help from Sinemartball! But mine is even worse, so wanna collab with me and your brother?
  • KompasTVball My brother has beaten you at news already! Suprisingly, you explain the news clearer than my brother.
  • NET.ball Best worst TV channel with cartoon network. I really admit doubt it.


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