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American Telephone & Telegraphball
Hello, Turner...
General information
Reality AT&T
Type Telephone Company
Country USA
Personality Social, sleepy, slow, and a little anschlussy.
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website AT&T
Relations and opinions
Friends Son

adopted son

Enemies Verizonball, Sprintball, T-Mobileball, Spectrumball, Comcastball, Dish Networkball
Likes U-Verse, Satellite TV, fiber-optic cable
Dislikes FiOS
Historical information
Date founded 1885/1983
Date ended 2005 Nobody can stop me!
planning to acquire more company balls
AT&Tball is a telephone and cellphone companyball that has full control of his adopted son, DirecTVcube. He adopted Turnerbrick after FCCball failed to stop him.currently planning to acquire more company balls.