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Aldi Nordkugel

Aldi Südkugel

Ich hab MPD (multiple personality disorder).
General information
Reality ALDI
Type Supermarket
Country Aldi North: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, & USA (as Trader Joe'sball).

Aldi South: Germany, Australia, Austria (as Hoferball), Hungary, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia, UK, & USA

Personality Has MPD, due to Nord & Süd versions of himself
Preferred gender Male
Language German, Danish, French, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Irish, English, & Spanish.
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Trader Joe'sball (Aldi Nord in America)
Enemies Walmartball, Lidlball,IGAball,Colesball,Woolworthsball
Likes Food and drinks
Historical information
Date founded 1913, but started having MPD in 1960.
Germany: "Will ALDI real plox of stand up?"
Aldiball is a German supermarket companyball. Since he can be Aldi Nordball or Aldi Südball in Germany, he has multiple personality disorder, but in America, his MPD is different, as Aldiball can be himself, or Trader Joe'sball.

He's known for selling knock off brands at lower prices, just like Trader Joe's.