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Ferrariblock about to anscluss someone

Anschluss  (or Surprise Anschluss, or Anschluß TVP) (which is translate to English said Connection) is a running gag in the Companyball universe used to describe a companyball becoming a rectangle with small eyes (the "Anschluss eyes") before proceeding to invade and/or annex another companyball.

Historically, it refers to the Nazi annexation of Austria duing WWII. The most common example of this is German companyballs becoming Nazi Germanytangle. Anschluss can also be used to describe a companyball with dominance in a certain skill.

Companyballs usually say Anschluss in a typewriter font like here (Courier New) The phrase is infrequently followed by zeit.

There are anschluss forms for other companies.

Companyballs' anschluss modes


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