Auntie Anne'sball
General information
Reality Auntie Anne's
Type Restaurants
Country USA
Preferred gender Female
Language English and more.
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Focus Brandsball and Cinnabonball
Historical information
Date founded 1988

Auntie Anne'sball is an American chain of pretzel shops founded by Anne Beiler and her husband, Jonas, in 1988. Auntie Anne'sball serves products such as pretzels, dips, and beverages. They also offer Pretzels & More Homemade Baking Mix. The chain has more than 1,500 locations around the world, in shopping malls and Walmart stores, as well as non-traditional retail spaces including universities, parking/rest areas, airports, travel plazas, amusement parks, and military bases.


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