Baltic Media Allianceball
Baltijas Mediju Aliansebumba
Baltic Media Allianceball (BMAball)
Baltic media stronk!
General information
Type Russian-language channel manager
Country Baltics
Personality Captive, excessive, native
Preferred gender Male
Language Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends First Baltic Channelball, NTV Mircubes, Ren TVballs, First Baltic Music Channelball
Enemies RTR Planetabrick (sometimes)
Likes Politics, television
Dislikes Communism
Historical information
Date founded 1990s/2000s
Is of importants
Food Ham
Currently in political charge of LRTCball

Baltic Media Allianceball is the creator of 6 baltic Russian-language channels (available in the Baltics).

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