General information
Reality Boomerang
Country United States
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Spanish (with SAP; a Spanish language simulcast of the channel is also available)
Relations and opinions
Friends Cartoon Networkcubes (brother and sister)
Enemies NickSplatball, Nickelodeonball, Bloombergball
Historical information
Date founded December 8, 1992; 24 years ago (as a programming block)
April 1, 2000; 16 years ago (as a television channel)

Boomerangcube or Boomerangslab is an American digital and satellite television channel that is owned by Time Warner through the Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary. He used to be very good, but is now cringy. He now markets towards autistics and kids with no taste. He was the fore runner for Cartoon NetworkC-iconCartoon NetworkN-icon Cartoon Networkcubes, and reruns many of Hanna-Barberaball's cartoons.


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