Build-A-Bear Workshopball
The Most Fun You'll Ever Make
General information
Reality Build-A-Bear Workshop
Type Toy retail company
Country USA
Personality Cute
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Enemies TyHeart
Likes Teddy Bears, and Plushies.
Dislikes Lack of Teddy Bears
Historical information
Date founded 1997
Is of importants
Can into space? Yes, with a little imagination
Bork Fluff fluff
Alive, and well

Build-A-Bear Workshopball is an American retailer headquartered in Overlandball, Missouriball, that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Customers go through an interactive process in which the stuffed animal of their choice is assembled and customized during their visit to the store.


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