China Central Televisionball
General information
Reality China Central Television
Type Telecommunications companyball
Country Chinaball
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends RTball, VTVball (sometimes), KCTVball (sometimes)
Enemies RTHKbrick, TDMball, BBCcubes, ABCball, NBCball, VTVball (sometimes), PTVball, NHKeggs
Likes Beijing, paramount leader, censorship, pro-China news, Taiwan-bashing
Dislikes Western media
Historical information
Date founded 1958

CCTVball (full name China Censorship Central Televisionball) is a Chinese telecommunications and news companyball. He is the most prominent state television broadcaster of mainland Chinaball He makes Television Porn And Serious 18+ movies Good News!

His logo sort of looks the same as CNNball.