CIAC-TECHball (1984-2009), Ultragen CIACball (2010-present)
General information
Reality Company in Canada
Type Companyball
Country Canada
Personality Ingenious, giving and supporting.
Language French/English
Official website (before closure) (reopening and purchase by Ultragen)
Relations and opinions
Friends Ultragenball, TheLastSkylark
Historical information
Date founded 1984/2010
Date ended 2009 (bankruptcy of independent company)/present
Alive as reincarnated

CIACball is a company created by TheLastSkylark's grandfather.


Our Goal

Our company's goal is to offer more complete engineering services while assuring continuous great support to CIAC's clients through a wider range of expertise.

Together as one for a bright future

We offer a Catia V5 Mechanical Design service including manufacturing and installation. Our professional staff teams are distinguished in various fields such as Instrumentation, Automation, Programming, Hydraulic and Electrical. In addition we offer: Finite Elements Analysis, Product development, Machine security, Project management and Embarqued Systems. Industrial sectors: Aeronautical, Transportation and Manufacturer. By merging our common strength of knowledge we are able to provide our quality services to a greater extent at a very concurential cost -


Mr. Paul Bernier founder of CIAC Group resolute to terminate his business in 2009. He then decided to take over CIAC by establishing CIAC-TECH. Following discussions with Ultragen Group shortly after, both parties agreed to fuse their strong professional abilities and therefore became UltragenCiactech.

This entirely new autonomous business owns very specific goals: diversification, business strength unification and market enlargement for each entity.



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