COPPAball , Also Known As Children's Online Privacy Protection Actball of The Year 1998 is the main enemy of Youtubebrick and a motherflipping United States federal law, Its A FTC Law That Is Trying To Protect Kids, (Which It’s Not Actually Due To Ruining Youtube And Roblox) From Collecting Data About Their Personal Infomation. In September 4, 2019 They forced YouTube to pay a fine after they collected kid data and targeting ads also, When the rule was officaly established in December 10, 2019 Youtubebrick had to remove the comments, share button, nofitication button, and the miniplayer mode on Youtube If A Video Is Set To Made For Kids, and it's cringeworthy and crappy. They also forced Robloxball to add fitler in their chat Which cause kids problems saying numbers. He Also Has 2 Friends Which Almost Kinda The Same As Him But A British Or A UK Version Of COPPABall, Is Known As Internet Mattersball, Along With His New Friend Thinkuknowsplat.


  • It is one of the worst federal laws ever, which also made some kids from Youtubebrick that hate COPPA mad, Along With Kids In Robloxball
  • His Only Has 2 Friends, Which Are Internet Mattersball, And Thinkuknowsplat Due To Internet Mattersball And Thinkuknowsplat  Trying To Protect Kids Also Online With COPPABall.



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