NOTE: Not to be confused with Carrey Videoball, although that logo stole from this logo's logomark and name (the latter being partial).

Carey Home Videoball
Carey Home Video
"Why my logo stealer..."
General information
Reality Carey Home Video
Type A home video company.
Country UK
Personality Not scary than Carrey Video.
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website I have no website.
Relations and opinions
Friends Televisaball, Newgroundscube, We all love you, my good bro.
Enemies LOGOMARK STEALER!!!, she rants on me, Zakir Hussain Filmsball
Likes Careys
Dislikes Logomark stealers
Historical information
Date founded 1984
Date ended 1985?
Is of importants
Can into space? No
Bork Carey Carey
Food None
Carey Home Videoball was a UK Home Video company.
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