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The Philippines' biggest airline! First low cost airline in Asia
General information
Type Airline
Country Philippines
Personality Late, Energetic, Playful, Mostly Responsible
Preferred gender It depends on you i guess. But mostly its depicted as a Male
Language Filipino, English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends AirAsiaball (sometimes), Scootball, Jetstarball
Enemies PhilippineAirlinesball
AirAsiaball (sometimes)
Likes Many people, money, A320neos, A330, Philippines
Dislikes Low passengers, overcrowding and overshoots
Historical information
Date founded 26 August 1988
Date ended 1 April 999 Google (THIS IS A JOKE THERE STILL ALIVE)
Is of importants
Can into space? Can into Low Cost
Bork Get go Get go
Food Alot Of Food but my favorite is the Pesto Sandwich which looks and tastes like a burger there also alot of Chicken and Beef. (Adobo!)
Has no flights as of April 2020


Cebu Pacific Air Ball is a low-cost airline ball based in the Philippines. He is Asia's first low cost carrier and is ranked #12 low-cost carrier in the world in terms of passenger number. Cebu Pacificball is always late when picking up passengers for about 8 hours but does not accept passengers that are 15 minutes late for their flight which gives them really annoyed passengers. Cebu Pacific only had 1 fatal crash throughout its history. He can into UAE, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia and Hong Kong And Macau and they are Chine- from Manila as of 2020 and is expanding into the USA and possibly Europe. (Also Most of Asia Already)


As of 2017, Cebu Pacific Ball's fleet consists of:

Airbus A321XLR - 0 (10 Orders)

Airbus A320-200 - 5 (5 orders)

Cebu Pacific Route map

Airbus A320neo - 7 (27 orders)

Airbus A321-200 -7

Airbus A330-300 - 8

Airbus A330-900neo - 0 (16 orders)

Formerly Operated:

Mcdonnel Douglas DC9-30 - until 2006

Boeing 757-200 - until 2006

A319-100 -until 2018


Most of his routes are from his main base in Ninoy Aquino International Airport, but he has a significant amount of flights from Mactan-Cebu International Airport and Davao International Airport.

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