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  • ChocoMingo

    Hello again!

    I would like to say thanks to everyone who's built on this wiki and made it grow to become the largest sister wiki from the Polandball Wiki! I still look here if there's anything I find concerning or anything I need to fix. That being said, this wiki needs to have fixes across the board.

    This will probably not be a one time thing, as I'm unsure how much deleting should occur. Bottom line is, there's some pages that is deteriorating the quality of the wiki with useless pages. For updates, check this page: Companyball_Wiki:Rules/Pages

    Reminder that pages that fit this category can have the deletion template or at risk template, but don't remove everything from the page, because the mods need to look what the page has.

    The pages that we will be deleting will go in phases and they will include:

    - Fictional companyballs (caveballs not included) (most of you do realize these type of companyballs break the rules, right?)

    - Companyballs without an English Wikipedia page (there can be exceptions made, if necessary)

    - Duplicate & useless categories, pages, templates, etc.

    - Small companyballs that do not have anything special about them (ie: Historical prominence, funny name)

    - Pages that only exist due to a Facebook page (this includes all militaries)

    - Certain federal organizations (again, exceptions can be made, if necessary)

    - Most rule-breaking images (circle tool, line tool, copy-paste, etc.) (images before 2016 will be exceptions)

    - All imageless pages

    Starting after this blog is made, you all have two weeks to make and upload images for the pages that you want to keep. After the two week period, all imageless pages will be deleted. The other things listed on the list will be deleted as soon as this blog is posted.

    Once again, thanks to all who contribute to the Companyball Wiki!

    NESTLEH (talk) 14:53, August 14, 2019 (UTC) Read more >
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