Dick's Sportings Goodsball IconDick's sporting goodsballDick's Sportings Goodsball Icon
Make fun of my name one more time...
General information
Reality Dick's sporting goods
Type sporting good's seller
Country USA
Personality competitive, Being a dick
Preferred gender male
Language english
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends none because he’s totally neutral with that. But possibly OnTheMarketball.
Enemies Everyone! All people who makes fun of his name hates him but especially: british rival
Sports Authorityball IconI ANSCHLUSSED YOU
Likes being among the largest sports companies in the world
Dislikes rivals
Historical information
Date founded 1948
Date ended present
Is of importants
Can into space? no
Bork Dick dick
Food sporting goods
People are pissed at him because he no longer sells assault rifles
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