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EAball The Businessman
EA games, totally not a scam!
General information
Type Video game company
Country USA
Language English (maybe some Simlish?)
Official website
Relations and opinions
Enemies Activisionball
Likes Money, anschluss! acquisition, FIFA, MADDEN, NBALIVE, THE SIMS, NHL HOCKEY, RED ALERT
Dislikes Innovating, DIGITAL PIRACY
Historical information
Date founded May 28, 1982

EAball (full name Electronic Artsball or Egotistical Assholesball) is a video game company based in USAball. He is well known for acquiring numerous video game developers and turning their franchises into cash cows. EAball makes some very popular games, such as the FIFA, MADDEN, NBA LIVE, and THE SIMS series.



  • EA Sportsball - My glorious soccer son. he makes NHL, FIFA, NBA, and more sport stuff.
  • The Sims Studioball - He can be good replacement to his failure father. But if his games have disappointing sale, he will has same fate as his father.