Ekaterinburg Artball
Yekaterinburg Art

Ekaterinburg Art Home Video Ekaterinburg Art Family Entertainment / Ekaterinburg Art Cinema

Я лучше других российских компаний!
General information
Reality Ekaterinburg Art
Type Home Video / Cinema / Animation / Corporation
Country Russia
Preferred gender Male
Language English, Russian
Relations and opinions
Friends Warner Brosball, Universalball, Colombiaball, Costcoball, Blue Bird Corporationball, Pininfarinablock, VIDgitalball (sometimes)
Enemies All russian companies, BÖRK STEALER!
Historical information
Date founded 1980's
Is of importants
Can into space? Yes
Bork Ekaterinburg Art Ekaterinburg Art
Ekaterinburg Art was an entertainment company in Russia.
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