Hello, you f****t furry brony n****r SJW. Surprise doxxing.
— Encyclopædia Dramaticasquare prior to anschlussing his targets in his tangle form
EncyclopediaDramatica-icon Encyclopædia Dramaticasquare EncyclopediaDramatica-icon
General information
Reality Encyclopedia Dramatica
Type Wiki
Country Changes each week
Personality Devilish
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website No, we're not gonna link it
Relations and opinions
Friends 4chanball, Carlton Screen Advertisingball, Uncyclopediaball, Master Arts Videosquare, Bestgorebrick
Enemies Everyone else
Likes Trolling, doxxing, Æ
Dislikes Furries, bronies, otakus, weeaboos, Emos, K-Poppers, Jews, Muslims, black people, SJWs, LGBT Community, Vyond Users, the list goes on and on
Historical information
Date founded 2004
Is of importants
Can into space? No
Bork Dramatica Dramatica, Æ Æ

Encyclopædia Dramaticasquare is a troll born in 2004 who hates almost everybody. He uses the letter ash for the 2nd e in his name because he prefers it that way.


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