France Ôball
France Oball
France Ôballe
General information
Type French public television network
Country France
Preferred gender Male
Language French
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends France Télévisionsball (his father) France 2ball, France 3ball, France 4ball, France 5ball, Réseau Outre-Mer 1éreball, TF1brick, M6ball, France Infoball
Historical information
Date founded March 25, 1998
Date ended 2020 (TNT)
France Ôball is a French public television network featuring programming from the French overseas departments and collectivities in Metropolitan France. It is part of the France Télévisionsball group. Its overseas counterpart brother is Outre-Mer 1èreball.

Formerly known as RFO Satball, the channel was originally broadcasting 9 hours per day only. It was re-branded France Ôball in 2004 in order to better show it was part of the France Télévisionsball group. The "O" stands for Outre-mer (overseas), and the accent shows that the channel was opened to all accents and dialects of the world, but also ensures that the name of the channel is not read as France 0ball ("France zéroball").

The channel became available in overseas territories in November 2010, replacing the RFO-operated Tempoball.


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