Fur Affinityball
Powerring Furring.
General information
Reality Furaffinity
Type Social media Company
Country United States?
Personality FURRY, generally nice, but sometimes makes people go WTF
Preferred gender Male
Language Mostly English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends DeviantArtball, IMVUball (father), SheezyArtbrick (deceased), e621ball (Dirty cousin), other furry pals
Enemies Fur hater sites, PÆDOPHILES!, EncyclopediaDramatica-icon Encyclopedia Dramaticasquare
Likes Furry art, fursuits, anything furry, Oob's character creator
Dislikes Anyone who rejects furries >:c
Historical information
Date founded 16 January 2005
Is of importants
Food anything that his users create
Online (Nevermind, is offline again)

Fur Affinityball, sometimes shortened to FAball, is a social network based on furry art.


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