General Motors-icon General Motorscube General Motors-icon
Need a hand? It's anschluss time...
General information
Reality General Motors
Type Automotive company
Country United States
Personality Friendly, but hungry for anschluss...
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends USAball, Chevroletball, Buickball, Vauxhallball, Holdenball, Cadillacball, GMCball (sons) and Corvetteball (grandson)
Enemies Fordball, Fiatball, Chryslerball, Ferrariblock, Nissanball, Renaultball, Toyotaball, Opelball, Lexusball, Daihatsuball, BMWball, Volkswagenball, Audiball, Mercedes-Benzball, Smartball and Tritsubishi
Likes Anschluss, his family's cars
Dislikes Rivals' cars
Historical information
Date founded 1908
Date ended 2009 NO!
Watch out or I'll anschluss you...
General Motorscube or GMcube is an American multinational automotive companyball. He's the father of Chevroletball, Buickball, Cadillacball and GMCball and also of the Vauxhallball and Holdenball twins, and also also of Electro-Motivepotato. He was born in 1908 and since he was born, he's been hungry for anschlussing other companies.


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