Guatelevisíon is a broadcast who cames in country by guatemala, and the middle american Companyballs was adopted by Univisionball

Dad and Son
General information
Type Freedom since 1823, The son of Univisionball, The Television above of Mexico
Country Guatemala
Personality Nice and Carribean
Preferred gender Male
Language Spanish same as Univisionball
Official website https://www.guatevisió
Relations and opinions
Friends Univisionball (My Father), Televisaball (My Grandfather), Rest of Middle American people, Radio La Redball and Discovery Kidsball
Enemies First Univision Empireball SINCE 1821 YOU WERE BORN BY AND 1823 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE

Triacom (COPYRIGHTER!!!)

Historical information
Date founded 1975
Date ended I will Never be Ended
Is of importants
Can into space? Yes
Bork Gua, Gua
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