HAL Laboratoryball


HAL Laboratoryball
Hiiiiiiiiii! Am Kirby-san
General information
Reality HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Type Video Game Company
Country Japan
Personality Jolly, Big Eater, Kind, Nightmare Fetishist
Preferred gender Male
Language Japanese
Relations and opinions
Friends Nintendoball, Soraball (Biological dad of Kirby)
Likes Satoru Iwata (my founder)
Dislikes Western fans won't shut up about Mother 3 localization. (GIB MOTHER 3!)
Historical information
Date founded 1980
Is of importants
Can into space? Yes, just ask Kirby
Bork Poyo poyo, Okay okay
Food Tomato, steak, omelette, and every food Kirby eats

HAL Laboratoryball is a video game company from Japan. Best known for Kirby franchise and Earthbound trilogy.

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