Hanna-Barbera Polandball
Hanna-Barbera Polandball (alt)
Yabba Dabba Kurwa!
General information
Reality Hanna Barbera Poland
Type Entertainment
Country Poland
Preferred gender Male
Language Polish
Official website No website
Relations and opinions
Friends Hanna-Barberaball
Historical information
Date founded 1988
Date ended 1993

Hanna-Barbera Polandcube is an Polish branch of the American studio Hanna-Barberaball. She was involved in the production of cartoons and the publishing of VHS tapes with episodes of serials. The branch was opened in 1987. Today it does not exist anymore. Hanna-Barbera Polandcube in 1993 transformed into Curtis Art Productionball, cassettes with HB animated films could be purchased in the Curtis Market showroom at the Curtis Plaza newly opened office building.


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