Huawei-icon Huaweiball Huawei-icon
General information
Type Mobile phones
Country China
Preferred gender Male
Language Chinese
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Cousin, His camera provider, Cubotball (Son)
Enemies HTCball, ZTEball, Ericssonball, Appleball, Xiaomicube, THE BBK BIG TWIN, Googleball (sometimes)
Likes Leica camera, Celia, four-curved display, HMS (Huawei Mobile Services).
Dislikes Being disconnected with Google, Donald Trump
Historical information
Date founded 1987
Is of importants
Bork Huawei Huawei
Food Fried Rice
Huaweiball is a Chinese smartphone companyball that existed starting from 1987. He is hated by the US.

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