Hulu-icon Huluball Hulu-icon
Anywhere, Anytime
General information
Reality Hulu
Type Video streaming website
Country USA
Personality Hulu'd
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends NBCUniversalball, Foxball, Disney-ABC, Turnerbrick AT&Tball
Enemies Netflixball
Historical information
Date founded 2007
Huluball (stylized as huluball) is an American subscription video streaming companyball, owned by Hulu LLCball, a joint venture with Disneyball (30%), 21st Century Foxball (through Fox Entertainment Groupball) (30%), Comcastball (through NBCUniversalball) (30%), and as of June 2018, Turnerbrick (10%, minority stake).
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