My Inside core is ready
General information
Reality Intel
Type Computer Eletronics/ Graphic card Company
Country USA, Israel
Personality Smart, Nerdly, Not cool, Happy
Preferred gender Male
Language English, Hebrew, All
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Nvidiaball, ATIball, HPball, DreamWorks Animationball
Enemies AMDcube, NAME STEALERS!!!
Likes Graphic cards, Israel, Poeple how have he's Products
Dislikes Broken Products of him, Parody calls, Anti-semitism, Boycott Israel, Ryzen, Spectre and Meltdown
Historical information
Date founded 1968
Is of importants
Can into space? Probably.
Bork Intel Intel

Intelcube Is an electronics/graphic cards companyball. Intelcube Is officially maded in the USA and then Israel. Many people have hIs products.

The processors are:

  • Intel 286cube
  • Intel 386cube
  • Intel 486cube
  • Intel 486SXcube
  • Intel 486DX2cube
  • Intel Pentiumcube
  • Intel Pentium MMXcube
  • Intel Pentium 2cube
  • Intel Pentium 3cube
  • Intel Pentium 4cube
  • Intel Centrinocube
  • Intel Pentium Extreme Editioncube
  • Intel Pentium Mcube
  • Intel Pentium Dcube
  • Intel Core Duocube
  • Intel Core Solocube
  • Intel Pentium Dual-Corecube
  • Intel Centrino Duocube
  • Intel Core 2 Duocube
  • Intel Core 2 Quadcube
  • Intel Core 2 Extremecube
  • Intel vProcube
  • Intel VIIVcube
  • Intel Centrino 2cube
  • Intel Centrino vProcube
  • Intel Core i3cube
  • Intel Core i5cube
  • Intel Core i7cube
  • Intel Core i9cube

The processors with names that are not Pentium are:

  • Intel Celeroncube
  • Intel Xeoncube
  • Intel Itaniumcube
  • Intel Atomcube
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