General information
Type Television company
Country South Korea
Personality Cheerful, happy, etc
Language Korean, English, other
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends The Big Three, BBCcubes, TF1brick, France Radioball, TVPbrick, CBCball, MediaCorptriangle, ERTAball, ARDball, ABCball, TVNZball, RNZbrick, TRTball, SABCball, Botswana TVpotato, PTVtriangle, CCTVball (sometimes), Numa Numa Numa, Russia-1brick (neutral), RTSHball, RTKball, VTVball, Thai broadcasters hating each other, TVRIball, BNTtangle
Enemies The New TV SSSRball (until 2018), NHKeggs (sometimes), CCTVball (sometimes)
Likes South Korean things
Dislikes North Korean things (until 2018)
Historical information
Date founded 1927

KBSball is a South Korean TV & Radio companyball.


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