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Kentucky Fried Chickenball

It's Finger lickin' good!
General information
Reality KFC
Type fast food restaurant
Country USA
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Pizza Hut-icon Pizza Hutball, Taco Bellbell, Yum!ball
Enemies McDonald's-icon McDonald'sball, Subwayball, Burger Kingball, PETAball
Likes 🍗 Fried chicken
Dislikes McDonald's-icon McDonald's foods, Subway foods, Burger King foods
Historical information
Date founded 1930
KFCball is a fast food restaurant companyball, mainly living in the USA. He generally markets towards 8balls and poor people. He serves gumps, chickens that fall dead in the factories, but nobody gives a shit. He owns about fifty locations in the UK, which is suprising, because UKball supposedly has good taste.

In a bad rap video made by none other than Jake Paul, he made fun of KFCball by naming the song OFC. Ohio imstead of Kentucky. Yuo get the gist of it. KFCball hates the song and the fake companyball.