Kyoto Animationball
Kyoto Animationball
General information
Type Anime studio (Mostly Moe genre)
Country Japan
Personality Getting burned
Preferred gender Female
Language Japanese
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends A1 Picturesball

J.C. Staffball (Sometimes)

TV Tokyoball

Snafu-Comicsball - Thanks for the condolences

Enemies Shinji Aoba - CURSE YOU!

Anime Elitists - Thanks a lot!

Anime haters/Cartoon community - F*CK YOU!

Likes Anime (majority of which are Moe genre)
Dislikes Lack of Anime
Historical information
Date founded 1981
Date ended 2019 (Burned)
Is of importants
Bork Burn Burn
Burned but will returned (If she can)
He burned on Arson attack
Kyoto Animationball is a Japanese animation studio and a light novel publisher located in Ujiball, Kyoto Prefectureball, Japanball. However, in the 18th of July a retarded man named Shinji Aoba went to the studio and started an arson that killed 34 of it's staff members and now she is suffering severe burns after that incident trying to recover and start again.
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