LG-icon LGball LG-icon
Me and my big brother Samsung, is very big and stronk!
General information
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Relations and opinions
Friends Samsung-icon Samsungpotato, Microsoft-icon Microsoftwindow
Enemies Apple-icon Appleball, HTC-icon HTCball, Sony-icon Sonyball
Likes Innovation, ultra-clean televisions, leather smartphones
Dislikes Apple, HTC copies, Sony television
Historical information
Date founded 1962

LGball is one of the biggest electronic companies in South Korea, and is also famous worldwide. Whereas Samsungpotato takes point on cellphones and television, LG takes point on television and laptops.

LG was founded in 1962, August the 24th, and has been on a steady rise until today. It is neutral with Samsung and Microsoft and rivals with Apple and HTC and Sony.

LG produces

  • Televisions
  • Laptops/PC
  • Smartphones
  • Kitchen/home appliances (ovens, AC, gas burners, washing machines etc)
  • LG telecom
  • LG chemicals
  • LG heavy industry

LG USA is also going to move its headquarters to Englewood Cliffs in Bergen country, New Jersey, in the middle of a forest. It is planned to make a environmental-friendly 44m tall facility.

LG has recently made and developed a game console, in which it is predicted it will rival Xbox and Playstation in a few years. However, it is not recognized widely yet and sales have been very low.

Since Appleball wants to remove the headphone jack, LG wants to be different. DEFEND HEADPHONES! REMOVE AIRPODS!