General information
Reality Natsume (company)
Type Video game company
Country Japan, USA
Preferred gender Female
Language Japanese, English
Official website (Natsume-Atari) (Natsume Inc)
Relations and opinions
Friends Atariball
Enemies Nintendoball, Segaball, Konamiball, Level-5ball, Capcomball, Microsoftwindow, Sonyball, Marvelousball, NOW GO AWAY YOU IDIOTS
Likes Video games
Historical information
Date founded 1987 (Natsume-Atari)
1988 (Natsume Inc)
Natsumebrick is the name of two video games publishers, Natsume-Ataribrick and Natsume Incbrick, that were once the same company but are now completely separated.

Natsume Co Ltd was founded in Japan on October 20, 1987. It established in 1988 an American division called Natsume Incbrick. In 1995, Natsume Incbrick split from Natsume Co Ltd to become an independent company. The name "Natsume" was retained by both companies in their respective countries. In 2013, Natsume Co Ltd renamed itself Natsume-Ataribrick following a merger with its subsidiary Atari that year. Also in 2013, Natsume Incbrick (the American company) inaugurated a Japanese division called Natsume Inc Japan with no connection to its former parent company.

Natsume-Ataribrick is based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and is known for developing licensed titles and mobile games. Natsume Incbrick is located in Burlingame, California. and is best known for publishing unique, family-oriented niche games, such as Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing.


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