Paramount Television Studiosball
General information
Reality Paramount Television Studios
Type Television companyball
Country United States
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends ViacomCBSball, Triacom, Paramountball, CBSball
Historical information
Date founded 1945 (as Paramount Television Productionsball)
1967 (as Paramount Televisionball's first incarnation)
2013 (as Paramount Televisionball's second incarnation)
2020 (as Paramount Television Studiosball)
Date ended 1964 (as Paramount Television Productionsball)
2006 (as Paramount Televisionball's first incarnation)
2020 (as Paramount Televisionball's second incarnation)
Is of importants
Can into space? No
Bork Paramount Paramount

Paramount Television Studiosball, formerly Paramount Televisionball, born name Paramount Television Productionsball is an American television production/distribution companyball that was active from 1945 until 2006 and revived in 2013. Most of this time it served as the television arm of the Paramountball film studio. Its predecessor is Desilu Productionsball.


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