People Can Fly-icon People Can Flyball People Can Fly-icon
People Can Fly Sp. z o.o.
People Can Flyball
Poland can into Fortnite,
so Poland can into Launch Pad,
so Poland can into fly,
so Poland can into space!
People can fly!
General information
Reality People Can Fly Sp. z o.o.
Type Video game (developing) companyball
Country Poland
Preferred gender Male
Language Polish


Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Epic Gamesball
Likes Fortnite, space
Historical information
Date founded February of 2002
Is of importants
Bork People can fly Poland can fly
People Can Flyball, formerly known as Epic Games Polandball, is a Polish Video game developer. He is known for developing the video game of Fortnite.
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