Pizza Hut-icon Pizza Hutball Pizza Hut-icon
Pizza hutball
General information
Type fast food restaurant
Country USA
Personality Stereotypical Italian personality
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends KFC-icon KFCball, Taco Bellbell, Yum!ball
Enemies McDonald's-icon McDonald'sball, Subwayball, Burger Kingball, Autogrillcube (and his son Spizzicoball), Domino's-iconDomino'sbrick
Likes 🍕 Pizza
Dislikes McDonald's-icon McDonald's foods, Subway foods, Burger King foods
Historical information
Date founded 1958
Is of importants
Bork Pizza, pizza
Food Pizza, chicken, spaghetti

Pizza Hut is a world-wide pizza restaurant chain. Even though he is specialized in pizza, he cannot into Italy (local restaurants would beat his ass in a second).


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