PlayStation-icon PlayStationball PlayStation-icon
PlayStationball with DualShock
Greatness Awaits
General information
Type Video Game brand
Country Japan
Language English, Japanese
Relations and opinions
Friends Sonyball (Father), Sony Interactive Entertainmentball (Close brother)
Enemies Xboxball, Nintendoball (Technical Father), Steamball

PlayStationball, also known simply as PSball, is a series of video game consoles created by Sonyball. Currently, the newest console edition is the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is same as the other PlayStation 4 console editions but can play certain games in 4K resolution and has slight improvements in performance for some games.


  • Nintendoball - YOUR STUFF IS FOR CHILDREN!!! (oh wait, I actually have some children stuff)
  • Insomniacball - My major 2nd party company known for Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, & Spyro the Dragon (gib it back plox). YUO TRAITOR! REMOVE OVERCHARGE!
  • Naughty Dogball - Gib Crash Bandicoot back plox! Adoptive son, best known for Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, & The Last of Us.
  • Polyphony Digitalball - Son, he makes Gran Turismo. Don't hit the cones plox!
  • Sucker Punchball - Adopted son, he makes Sly Cooper series and inFAMOUS series. Yuo should make more Sly games.
  • Guerrilla Gamesball - Adopted stoned son. Best known for Killzone series. Recently he created Horizon Zero Dawn and is doing great.And I also like the protagonist "Aloy" good job son!
  • Media Moleculecube - Adopted cute son. Best known for LittleBigPlanet series. He's also make Tearaway and recently Dreams.
  • Quantic Dream-My son best known for "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond Two Souls" also can't wait for "Detroit Become Human"!