PlayStation-icon PlayStationball PlayStation-icon
PlayStationball with DualShock
General information
Type Video Game brand
Country Japan
Personality Childish,Censorship,Dictator,SJW,bland
Language England-icon English, Japan-icon Japanese
Relations and opinions
Friends Sony-icon Sonyball (Father), Sony Interactive Entertainmentball (Close brother)
Enemies Xbox-icon Xboxball, Nintendo-icon Nintendoball (Technical Father), Steam-icon Steamball
Likes Censorship,SJW,california
Dislikes Sexy Games(REMOVE!),Nintendo(Cuz They loving Sexy stuff)

PlayStationball, also known simply as PSball, is a series of video game consoles created by Sonyball. Currently, the newest console edition is the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is same as the other PlayStation 4 console editions but can play certain games in 4K resolution and has slight improvements in performance for some games. In 2020, the PlayStation 5 will be released, supporting resolutions up to 8K and being much faster.



  • Sucker Punchball - Adopted son, he makes Sly Cooper series and inFAMOUS series. Yuo should make more Sly games.
  • Guerrilla Gamesball - Adopted stoned son. Best known for Killzone series. Recently he created Horizon Zero Dawn and is doing great.And I also like the protagonist "Aloy" good job son!
  • Media Moleculecube - Adopted cute son. Best known for LittleBigPlanet series. He's also make Tearaway and recently Dreams.
  • Quantic Dreamball - My son best known for "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond Two Souls" also can't wait for "Detroit Become Human"!


  • Insomniacball - My major 2nd party company known for Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, & Spyro the Dragon (gib it back plox). YUO TRAITOR! REMOVE OVERCHARGE!
  • Naughty Dogball - Gib Crash Bandicoot back plox! Adoptive son, best known for Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, & The Last of Us.
  • Polyphony Digitalball - Son, he makes Gran Turismo. Don't hit the cones plox!


Nintendo-iconNintendoball - you ditched me for FUCKING PHILLIPS PHILLIPS!


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