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Roaring Mouse Entertainmentmouse (redrawn)
*transforms into real mouse* ROOOOOAAAAAR! *wink*
General information
Reality Roaring Mouse Entertainment
Type Educational video game developer
Country USA
Personality Roaring a lot
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website It's now dead
Relations and opinions
Friends Humongous Entertainmentball, Memorex Softwarewineglass, MGMball, United Artistsball, We’re both of mice!
Enemies Cat, plox don't trap me with a mousetrap!, Same goes with you!, Glu Mobilebot, Nintendoball, Segaball, Xboxball, PlayStationball
Likes Children's games, roaring
Dislikes Other games, cats
Historical information
Date founded 1994
Date ended ????
Is of importants
Can into space? No! ROOOOAAAAR!!
Bork Roar roar
Food Any cheese
Roaring Mouse Entertainmentmouse was a children's video game company that produced All Dogs Go To Heaven Activity Center, Zoo Explorers, Bug Explorers, Ocean Explorers and Dinosaur Explorers. He roars because of his name.


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