This is a list of Robloxball's playerballs. People can follow, friend, message or block them.

Image Name Quotes Personality Roblox ID Year Joined Notes
ROBLOXball ROBLOXball "Welcome to Roblox!" Self-Aware 1 2006 Players cannot message him.
John Doeball John Doeball "[Content Deleted]" [Content Deleted] 2 2006 [Content Deleted]
Jane Doeball Jane Doeball "[Content Deleted]" [Content Deleted] 3 2006 [Content Deleted]
Robloxnoobball Noobball "[Content Deleted]" [Content Deleted] 5 2006 He's banned.
Robloxqaball Qaball "[Content Deleted]" [Content Deleted] 6 2006 He's banned.
1x1x1x1 ........ Very First Hacker [CLASSIFIED] 2009 Has a long legacy
Robloxtoolboxball Toolboxball "[Content Deleted]" [Content Deleted] 8 2006 [Content Deleted]
ErikCasselball Erik.casselball "The Co-founder of Roblox" Awesome 16 2006 He's dead.
Robloxtestball Testball "[Content Deleted]" [Content Deleted] 17 2006 [Content Deleted]
Robloxadminball Adminball "The first user of Roblox" [Content Deleted] 18 2004 He's banned.
Buildermanball Buildermanball "CEO of Roblox!" Builder 156 2006 He builds his places.
Shedletskyball Shedletskyball "Creative Director of Roblox!" Awesome 261 2006 He's creator on his place of Sword Fights on the Heights IV.
MattDusekpumpkin Matt Dusekpumpkin "I will the save the world!" Ripper 916 2006
Stickmasterlukeball Stickmasterlukeball "I'm flyin' the green balloon!" Epic 80254 2007 He's creator this place of Natural Disaster Survival
Dued Dued1ball 82471 2007 He is known for the game Work at a Pizza Place.
Alexnewtronball Alexnewtronball 123247 2007 He creator this place of MeepCity.
Lolerisball lolerisball "I will do the murderer" 2312310 2009 He created Mad Studio like The Mad Murderer and Mad Games.
Cinderingball Cinderingball 2364169 2009 He creator this place of Roblox High School
Asimo3089ball asimo3089ball "Happy Summer everybody!" 2837719 2009 He creator this place of Jailbreak
Jamaicaball Jamaicaball "Acoount of the wikia user JamaicaballROBLOX!" fun 648637011 2018 Hes the account of JamaicaballROBLOX
Heart RadioballPC
Heart_RadioballPC "Alt of Jamaicaball" fun 847097329 2018 Hes the alt of Jamaicaball
IlikescatMarmajukeball "I will bomb everybody." 900220231 2018 He likes cats alot
Fionamysteriousgirl "a" 120048263 2016 am i de only girl?
DragonprotectoR_09ball "Account of AllegiantAirsemi" 313199017 2017 he is a watermelon shark
BenzBotball "Giants." (reference to rTV Networks slogan) 9140408 2010 he is well known for rTV Networks