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I love my community! 2.2 is coming never soon!
General information
Type One-man game studio
Personality Happy, normie, mischievous
Language English, Swedish
Official website
Relations and opinions
Likes My community, Twitchball, Discordball, Newgroundscube (gives me free music!), most GD YouTubers, spin-off games
Dislikes Spanish click-baiters on Youtubebrick!
Historical information
Date founded March 12, 2012 (8 years ago)
Is of importants
Can into space? Unfortunately, no, and neither into stable community
Bork Dash dash, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Congratulating Knobbelboy for verifying Bloodlust. Is also working on 2.2.

Robtopgames-icon Robtopcube, also known as Robtopgamescube, or RubTubcube, as people like to call him, is a one-man game studio based in Sweden and is responsible for Geometry Dash and its spin-offs. His founder, Robert Topala, did make other games before GD, but they have been overshadowed by the fame of GD. While GD wasn’t very popular at first, it was eventually able to gain relevance in many ways, especially with the help of Unitytechnologiesball and its Everyplay tool, as well as numerous Twitchball streamers and YouTubebrick gamers. Today, it is a flourishing game, with a large albeit unstable community. It is also continuously being renewed with feature-rich updates, although he is slow when it comes to developing them.

How To Draw

  1. Draw a yellow-orange cube.
  2. Draw the RobTop Games logo ("RobTop" in black and in the Pusab font, surrounded by a orange rounded rectangle).
  3. Draw neon blue eyes, and you're done.


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