Rockstar-San-Diego-icon Rockstar San Diegoball Rockstar-San-Diego-icon
General information
Reality Rockstar San Diego
Type Creating games
Country USA
Personality Laid back
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Relations and opinions
Friends Rockstar-icon Rockstarball

Xbox-icon Xboxball

Nintendo-icon Nintendoball

Microsoft-icon Microsoftwindow

Capcom-icon Capcomball



Enemies EAball
Likes Cars, wild west, action games
Dislikes Hackers, piracy
Historical information
Date founded 1984 - 2002 (as Angel Studios) 2002 - (Rockstar San Diego)
Date ended Not yet
Is of importants
Can into space? Yes, Murica can.
Bork RedDead RedDead
Food Burgers
Yes, yes, I'll get back to Midnight Club at some point..
Rockstar San Diegoball, known as Angel Studios from 1984 to 2002, is an American game developer and one of Rockstar-icon Rockstarball's adoptive sons. He is most known for the Midnight Club and Red Dead series.

His first game under his latest name, Rockstar San Diego, was Midnight Club 2 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows released in 2003.


Rockstar San Diegoball was created by Diego Angel, a Colombian businessman, in 1984, but at the time, he was known as Angel Studios. The 3D work that he had made was mostly for music videos and films. His best visual effects work was shown off in the 1992 horror film, The Lawnmower Man

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