--This is a list for scratchballs's scratcherballs. People can follow them.

Image Name Quotes Personality Notes
ABCHASE456board.png ABCHASE456board "I am derpy!" Derpy Got 200 projects!
ARMball "Empowering the technology, Scratchers has the ability to comment here."
-AirFlyers-cube "Please ABC Don't kill me" Influenced
Alpha.jpeg AlphaBeta906ball ”For the glory of Alpha and Beta!” Strong, Cool, Hyper-Colonist (When in Mapper Wars) Looks like england
Angery.png Angeryfacebrick "Use my Codism"
-Aviora-ball "My young brother of Multinia." Horrendous, lazy, always bad
Bienestar2000mario "I love mario and OS-tans" Awesome Why is RequestSan a diamond
BTACube "Pure genius." Optimistic, oblivious, but nice and considerate
Brodiecomedianball.png brodiecomedianball "I'm the best mapper!" Creative Quit
DaBagelODoomball "yeetus" Quite cool, and lazy. He got 1800 projects
Poopolingoowl (DaBageIOfDoomowl).png
DaBageIODoomowl "Im similar to DaBagelODoom but i am Duolingo's sister." Happy, friendly She likes Duolingo
New Icon for GB.png
Gaumontbrosscube "I'm the best mapping" Awesome
GoboComediansquircle.png GoboComediansquircle "Blame Terry and Blair" Crazy and still thinks that logo punishments (anschluss) are an effective way of scaring a person. Boom.
Flet.png Fletchoscube "My OC is based on Robotboy" He makes Scratch Elimination
Griffpatchface.png griffpatchface "Haha! I am the most followed!" He has about millions of followers
JBlock What, what, what, what, what, what. Friendly and Nice (however he has a short-attention span.
Kewl999ball.png kewl999ball "I can't stop!"
Kubagamesball "The next Windows Adventures Episode is coming soon!" He is a Polish Scratcher
Ktuhbodonut2011ball.png ktuhbodonut2011ballCRRE2003_on_Scratchball "Penny Fitzgerald and Michika for the Win, Rob the Robot and Cali for the Lose" Really cool Inactive/Dead BOOM!! I will be back real soonI'M BACK!!
lobie5ball "LB LB LB LB" Cool.
Notforc.png Notforcball "Yup"
Kool.png marioiskoolcube "I'm a licking Eevee" Sarcastic and peaceful
-Multinia-ball "that is a diet a call RAINBOWS" Weird, happy
-Nevaeh42-ball "i'm not -Nevaeh-" Cute, good
Nintendofan2384ball "Got to remix to off-topic like rebranding!" Naughty
Pacproject.png PacManProjectball "Konchiwa" He is permanitaly blocked
ReimuComediancube "WUT IS DAT?!" She supports ShanghaiAlice-icon.png Shanghai Alice
Request-Sandiamond "wtf?" Kind Uh oh
SAUScylinder "EAT SAUS!" Funny.
ScratchMappingball.png ScratchMappingball "It's cold here" Awesome It's 90C
ScratchU8ball.png scratchU8ball "Pocket" Funny.
SharkysharRawr.png sharkysharRawr "Hello there, I'm Sharky!" Friendly, geeky Is scared of being eaten by sharks.
Splow.png Splowball "I am good at animating" Biased
SuperKirbyLoverball "Poyo Poyo" Awesome.
TF-TYRETriangle ”I ruin the internet” Evil, rude, vandaliser, hacker, Devil, Scratch And Internet Ruiner He was nice in his start but became evil since he jailed animate1735
Humen.png Twin138956Scratchhumans "I like everyone" Cool, and awesome nowadays.
WillWamshape.png Will_Wamshape "I'm the best game ever!"
9FABBAA6-BC00-4B9F-9B98-3188C5EC283E.png Wolfcuque ”Bark Bark!”
Wonderpetsftwbojftlball Wonder Pets is my favorite show! I wear a purple baseball cap, and a green cape! Being weird
Zileonysquare https://scratch.mit.edu/users/Zileony Bieda. Tanie Durnostoje. (Poverty. Cheap Stuff.) Happy-go-lucky, awesome, funny, chilly, intelligent, smart, likes vampires and Biedronkaball Wants to be more popular}}

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