Sofia Transportcube is transport companyball

He was founded in 1901, when Sofiaball made her trams

Sofia Transportcube
Taxi, metro, tram, bus, van riding, radio taxi and all other riding stuff
General information
Type Transport company
Country Sofia Bulgaria
Personality British
Preferred gender Male
Language Bulgarian
Relations and opinions
Friends Sofia Metroball
Enemies North Koreaball
Likes Transport, Horse transport
Dislikes Lack of transport
Historical information
Date founded 1901
Date ended Hey, old chap, you MUST being smart, not stupid

His sons' pesornality are like countryballs

Sofia Trampeanut - Japanese

Sofia Triaxiangle - Polish

Sofia Radiotaxiangle - Anatartic

Sofia Busblock - German

Sofiatrolleypotato - Soviet

Sofia Horse Transportworm - USA

Sofia Van transporttrapezoid - Korean

Sofia Metroball - All

Sofia Airportbrick - Greek

Sofia Railwaycube - Irish