Steam-icon Steamball Steam-icon
I can Into Summer sales!
General information
Reality Steam
Type Software platform Company
Country USA
Personality Deep, Angry, Smart, Funny, Nerdly
Preferred gender Male
Language English, All
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Valveball, Microsoftball, Xboxball
Enemies Originball, EAball, That idiot who declares war on me
Likes CS:GO, DLC's
Dislikes Orginball
Historical information
Date founded 2003
Is of importants
Bork Sale sale
Food Chicken tendies
Steamball Is a software platform company, It only focus on games, The page, sellings, all time steamball sets season sells, it makes The user to buy games more easier but low prices, the Gaben Sale summer Sale Is the mayor one, So that the Page will set lower prices At mostly any games!

Steamball really hates Originball because it's like himself sometimes. Steamball calls Originball a copy of Valve's idea.



  • Valve-iconValveball - My dad. Forces me to give money to him but he's ok.


  • Origin-iconOriginball - You idiot! Stop selling your games in your own market!
  • Epic Games Storeblock - Who? HA! You have no customers, don't even to declaring war on me! And Origin is more worthy than you.


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