Subway-icon Subwayball Subway-icon
Eating fresh!
General information
Reality Subway
Type Fast Food Restaurant
Country USA
Personality Nice, Pedophilic
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends None
Enemies McDonald's-icon McDonald'sball, KFC-icon KFCball, Burger King-icon] Burger Kingball
Likes Sandwiches, salads, kids
Dislikes McDonald's foods, KFC foods, Burger King foods
Historical information
Date founded 1965 (as Pete's Super Submarines)
1968 (as Subway)
Is of importants
Bork Fresh Fresh
Food Sandwiches, salads
Recently, Subwayball's chicken subs has been found to only be 50% chicken. Egoraptorball hates him.
Subwayball is a fast food restaurant, mainly living in the USA.

He has recently been accused of being a Pedophile because many things.


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