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Telewizja Polskakuli
The Network of "Kurwa!"
General information
Reality Telewizja Polska
Type TV Network
Country Poland
Personality Friendly, ambitious, childish, and stupid, just like Poland. Actually, he's stupid, idiot, dumb, smartless, mindless and a fool.
Preferred gender Male
Language Polish
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Best Friend, ARDball (sometimes), LRTball, RTVSball, ČTball, ABCball, ZDFball, TF1brick, Channel One Russiaball (sometimes), BBCcubes
Enemies ARDball (sometimes), Arteball, Channel One Russiaball (sometimes)
Likes Reksio, Bolek and Lolek, so many kid shows (kur**), Polish Parliament
Dislikes Being anschlussed (or controlled) by Russian or German TV companies, lack of programming
Historical information
Date founded 1976
Is of importants
Can into space? No
Make reportings on TTIP protests. Yes, I have seeings a sign that of says "kurwa".

TVPbrick is a Polish television network that owns regular channels (his sons) and regional channels (owned by TVP3brick, his son). He cannot into space, like Polandball.