телекомпания ВИD представляет
— Andrey Razbash
VIDgital-icon VIDgitalball VIDgital-icon
There, My face is not scary anymore, happy and cool.
General information
Reality VIDgital
Type TV companyball
Country Russia
Personality Not so scary as before
Preferred gender Male
Language Russian
Official website (my programme changed it for no f**king reason and my website is gone) so enjoy this, (via Wayback Machine)
Relations and opinions
Friends Youtube-icon YT, Soyuzmultfilmball (friendemy), literaly everyone except Ukrainian companyballs.
Enemies My dark past, CYK, KAS, Soyuzmultfilmball (sometimes), Ukrainians, other cykas that are nightmare logos, even himself
Likes Channel One Russiaball, Pole Chudes, Zhdi Menya, Other VIDgital Shows, NTVcube, ONTball, and others.
Dislikes My dark past, BNTtangle, Ukrainians
Historical information
Date founded 1987 (as Vzglyadball)
1990 (as VIDball)
2017 (as VIDgitalball)
Date ended NEVER!!!!!!!!
Is of importants
Can into space? No. But our country did.
Bork Guo Guo
Food Russian Food like Plov.
uploading past episodes on mi youtube.
I am a Meme, of alsoings, my former man Listyev died.

BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP US FROM PROGRAMMING! (well only for some days) :(

And yes, I have subsidaries and I co-founded TEFI.

I am still known as VID.

I look like a chinese philosopher named Guo Xiang.

VIDgitalball (Russian: ВИDgital), formerly VIDball (Russian: ВИD), born name Vzglyadball (Russian: Взгляд) is a Russian TV companyball, which was known for its programs and its scary logo. Now he is not scary as he was before since he changed his logo and his name to VIDgital.



Go to VIDgitalball/Programmballs for some programmballs.

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