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I pick yuor Wallet At summer time.
General information
Reality Valve Corporation
Type Video game Company
Country USA
Personality Bored, Eats to much, Wont Release Half life 3
Preferred gender Male (Gaben)
Language English is main, All
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Steamball (Son of Valve) TurtleRockball
Enemies Nintendoball, Segaball (both former enemies), Riot Gamesball
Likes Summer steam sales, Money, Your Wallet, CS:GO, TF2, GMod, Half-Life, Dota 2
Dislikes No Summer Sales, Some one Insulting Gaben, No money, 3
Historical information
Date founded 1996
Is of importants
Bork Summer summer, sale sale, two two
Food Chicken tendies
No,...... just no

Valveball is a company created in USA. They are reponsible for making the most popular games in the world like: Counter Strike, Half Life 3, Team Fortress 2 and Portal 1/2, GMOD, and more



  • Steam-iconSteamball - My rich son. Always gibs me moneys. Also he has got a really huge community. I wish I had a one ;(
  • Sourcee-iconSourceball - My hardworking son. Helped me A LOT! I'm still proud of you, but you are getting too old and people started to forget ya'!


  • Origin-iconOriginball - Stop messing with my son! And stop stealing our ideas, you thief!

Games List

Half Life Series

Half-Life | 1998

Half-Life: Opposing Force | 1999

Half-Life: Blue Shift | 2001

Half-Life 2 | 2004

Half-Life 2: Episode 1 | 2006

Half Life 2: Episode 2 | 2007

Half-Life: Alyx | 2020

H̶a̶l̶f̶ ̶L̶i̶f̶e̶ ̶3̶

Counter Strike Series

Counter Strike | 1999

Counter Strike: Source | 2004

Counter Strike: Global Offensive | 2012

Portal Series

Portal | 2007

Portal 2 | 2011

Left 4 Dead Series

Left 4 Dead | 2008

Left 4 Dead 2 | 2011

Team Fortress Series

Team Fortress Classic | 1999

Team Fortress 2 | 2007

Other Games

Dota 2 | 2013

Game Engines

Gold Source: Improved version of Quake engine. And my first try to make a game engine. Used that for Half-Life 1, Counter Strike 1 and Team Fortress Classic

Source: Used for Half Life 2, Portal franchise, Left 4 Dead franchise and Team Fortress 2.

Source 2: Used for Dota 2 only. And we are currently trying to port Cs:go to Source 2.


My national Anthem:

Valveball with his son - Steamball.


Valve-icon Games Of Valve Company Polandball-icon
Half-Life Series Half-Life 1 • Half Life: Blue Shift • Half Life: Opposing Force • Half Life: 2 • Half Life: 2 Episode 2 • Half Life: 2 Episode 2 • Half Life 3
Counter Strike Series Counter Strike • Counter Strike: Condition Zero • Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes • Counter Strike: Source • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Portal Series Portal 1 • Portal 2
Left 4 Dead Series Left4Dead 1 • Left4Dead 2
Day Of Defeat Series Day Of Defeat • Day Of Defeat: Source
Team Fortress Series Team Fortress Classic • Team Fortress 2
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